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2018 NativeVision Camp Local Registration

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Sports and Life Skills Camp
June 28-30, 2018
Hosted by: Shiprock High School
Shiprock, NM

The 22nd Annual NativeVision Camp in Shiprock, New Mexico provides Native youth an opportunity to play side-by-side with professional and collegiate athletes. The camp will host approximately 800 youth from 15 tribes, professional athletes, tribal leaders, and national dignitaries. Campers will be guided through sports clinics and life skill workshops while the community at large participates in parenting workshops, community feasts and tribal celebrations. The NativeVision Camp promotes and celebrates all that is healthy and positive in the lives of Native youth. NativeVision is currently expanding its reach through year-round after school programming in tribal communities. The communities include: White Mountain Apache, Santo Domingo Pueblo, and Navajo Nation (Tuba City and Shiprock).

The NativeVision Camp and year-round programming have been designed to promote four major areas of well being for Native children and families:

Healthy Minds: The goal of "Healthy Minds" is to promote children's intellectual development and educational achievement.

Healthy Bodies: The goal of "Healthy Bodies" is to increase levels of fitness for children with the aim of reducing diabetes attack rates and obesity as a long-term outcome for this highly susceptible population.

Healthy Families: The goal of “Healthy Families” is to strengthen vulnerable families and improve health and life outcomes for young American Indian parents and their children.

Healthy Communities: The goal of “Healthy Communities” is to strengthen American Indian communities through environmental education and awareness projects, starting community gardens to cultivate traditional crops and teaching traditional foods cooking classes.